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A  Workshop Partnership between
ECOO/SIGELM and OISE CINC  ON LINE Part II and III Winter 1999-2000
Moderators:  Mark Carlen, Mike Dzis, Gillian Lee, Michael Sendrea, and Anne Stephens

Welcome to the Internet Train

Our workshop is designed to provide technology leaders in Ontario Elementary Schools with the resources and confidence to train their colleagues at a quick lunch and learn school professional development.

After participating in this workshop, teacher trainers will be ready to lead a workshop at their own school.  A Certificate of Participation will be issued to all active participants.

Together, we will build an understanding of the Internet and have Students Surf Safely.  An Agenda of the Workshop Topics can be selected from the menu bar.

This workshop is free to anyone on the Internet.  If you would like information about attending our workshop, please e-mail Mike or Gillian.

Please begin by skimming through the agenda and the free workshop handouts.
There is a free video on one of the pages.

Enjoy the ride.

Training the Trainer
FREE On-Line Conference February 14-19, 2000 | Workshop
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