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When you least expect it is the time that you'll find money on the ground

Name: Daniel
Breaking Name: ???
Aliases: Riceburner
Age: 19
Hometown: Oakland
Ethnicity: Chineze
Graduating Year/College: 04
Cybertek Claim: i have no cybertek
Fav. Jack In The Box Food: Sourdough jack
Fav. Tv Shows: My date with a vampire 2, Simpsons, Friends, Boston Public, 3rd Rock, Blind Date, Smackdown, Married With Children, WOW, Cindy Margolis, Howard Stern, uh..got some more but cant think of any..
Current Womens: Eh...Got this French chick that doesn't know how to act
Fav. Celeb. Womens: Kaila Yu .... Sasha Singleton .... F D .... Kristen Muranaga .... Maribel Wong .... Natasha Yi .... so much more to the list but yea cant think of none...
Signature Breaking Move(s): Eh..footwork? pose?
Breakdancing Highlight (s): When i did a good looking 90 when i was at OACC where jws was breakin, and at skoo did a K which lasted pretty longer..haha lasted longer than u ivan >=)
So Far Greatest Lifetime Achievement(s): College, eh got to touch sasha ehehe >=) and saw a whole lota womenz
Signature Sayings: Beesh, nigga
Breaking Status: Currently not much interested in it as before, but occasionally do footwork at home when bored
Other Stuff: Uh, if this doesn't satisfy you, you can jus make mine up, so yea, at skoo rite now doin this kuz home comp kinda fuked up,
What I say: He left out Jasmin St. Claire in his list of favorite womens.WOW stands for "Women Of Wrestling" and FD stands for "Francine Dee" if yaw are curious.

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Last updated 10-21-00

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