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xearo is pure evil,yet has a kind heart to the ones he loves,and will punish anyone who trys to chainge him! Xearo was born on the 20th of January 1986 In Birmingham, well on the frindge, just outside in a place called sollihull (now inner Birmingham) after looseing the horrid acsent he moved to the isle of wight and became one of the best rock climbers there, asending from a grade 1c to and 7b in two years, (after falling a few times ofcourse) and he has climbed some strange places, the needles for exsample, one of the Isle of Wights Lovely things or something, he has also done some of Al Yosomite in the US one of his more risky climbs! After that he met a friend who intrduced him into the GWF, he traind for a few months and became fit enough to get in, now a proment member of the federation, Xearo go's on!