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well after a night of confusion for Raid and Mash tonight was bound to be good.

The night started by raid coming out and saying that he wants answers from sara and why he shouldn’t knock her off her feet right in that ring !

Sara came out and she said that it was an accident and she diidn’t mean to and she would make it up to him ! she said that they would have a triple threat to see who would be the no.1 contender for the GWF title at ‘HELLBOUND’. And it would be between razz, chucky and Mash , but raid refused to go against his friend.but sara said that Mash may not win the match, so raid agreed,but it was to be an elimination style match.

The first match was elektrow and xearo vs m agik in a special guest ref match which was sara. the match got underway and magik was acctually surviving against these 2 physcopaths and magik diid kazzam to both elektrow and xearo and then went for the pin 1..2..3. and she picked up the win but xearo and elektrow d idnt look to happy!

The 2nd match on the roster was raid vs nightshade in a raids rules match.

The only way u could win was by making your opponent subbmit.

Raid , has never been beeten in his own match but tonight was different as soon as nightshade applied the camel clutch he had no option but to tap out and subbmit to nightshade!

It was now time for the main event.

All three wrestlers came down to the ring and the match started .

Mash was dominating the match he got the masher in on both opponents and he pinned chucky he quickly went to pin razz but razz kickied out on the verge of 3. The match continued and already if mash lost he has continued his winning streak by beeting chucky because he hasn’t beeten chucky but he has beeten razz! Razz did the razzmatazz ride to mash but mash kicked out just at the last second , he diid it again but he still kicked out he then tried the razzmatazz rave and that worked and razz is now the no.1 contender for the GWF title at ‘HELLBOUND’.

What matches is sara going to make for hellbound?