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After a journey to hell for Thanatos and Marc HELL ON EARTH was a destructive night and needs explaining by the occult!

We started the night off by finding out that Thanatos and Marc were in hospital after their encounter with Raid and his friend!

The first thing that happened was that Marcís music came on, but it was Marcís sister she aalso had a lot of explaining to do.

She proceeded to say that what happened to her brother and Thanatos was the best thing that ever happened to him because he thought that were he was the boss no-one could touch him, but he soon found out that the darkside didnít listen! She then called out Elektrow she came down and sheto started to say that they deserved it, and now the darkside are stronger than ever and no-one and she meant no-one could stop them! Then Xearo

Came down and he said that everyone must be confused to who this mystery person is...well he said his name was MASH, and now he has been re-united with his long lost friend they are going to be the most destructive force that the federation will ever see. After this a funky but weird beet hit the speakers and out stepped Raid and Mash they were both chained together Raid then got in the ring and said now that the boss and Thanatos is out the way guess whoís in charge...Marcís sister and he also said that him and Mash were going to be released from their chains and the destruction from the darkside will start and its going to scar the federation period!

The first match was Xearo vs chucky.

The match started and both men were kicking each other to death but chucky got the good guy in and the ref went for the count but the ref got pulled out and distracted by elektrow whilst raid and mash got in the ring and gave chucky a double chokeslam, elektrow through the ref in and xearo picked up the victory!

The next match was raid vs nightshade.

This match started with a bang and it was short and sweet raid went in there and did the raider to nightshade followed by a chokeslamed and raid won!

Back stage there was an interview with elektrow and she was asked about her match against magik in a no-dq steel chair match. She said that she has nothing to worry about she beet her at hell on earth and she was going to do it again tonight!

The next match was Mash vs Razzmatazz in a no-dq match.

The match started and this was Mashí first proper match and he did well he beet razz and razz beet him but after along match it finally came to an end when Mash did his finisher to razz through a table it was a horrifying finisher that went by the name of the masher. And Mash won his first match!

The main event was here and now it was the no-dq steel chair match.

But just before the match started marcís sister came down and said she was going to be the special enforcer in this match.

The match started with both women holding a steel chair and magik got the first move in with her chair but 25mins in to the match the whole entire good side ran down to assist magik but marcís sister sara ran over there with a chair and hit them all down as fast as they all ran down, then magik looked over the top rope to see what was happening and sara turned round and smacked magik over the head which enabled elektrow to get the victory!

Well this certainly wasínt a good night!