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Tonight was bound to be good!

After all it is the night after BADD BLOOD!
First to start the night off we saw nightshade and magik talking to someone with ginger hair? They were asking him to help them win there tag team title match against xearo and elektrow!

The first match was raid vs thanatos for the hardkore title.
Raid came out followed by thanatos this match was very violent and very painful to watch but to cut it short raid retained his belt for the first time! The next match on the agenda was the tag team match xearo and elektrow came out followed by the tag team champions!

The match started and the question on everyones mind was, was this mystery person going to show up? There were loads of close calls but just as xearo had the pin the mystery person decided to join in he went to do a leg drop from the top rope but elektrow pushed him on to nightshade, elektrow got tagged in and nightshade got up but only to be accidently knocked back down by this mystery person! And elektrow got the pin and elektrow and xearo won the tag team championships and nightshade and magik were still lying in the ring!