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Well after Frightnight there was bound to be an explosion here tonight!

Xearo was first to come out he called out Raid, Raid came down and listened to Xearo he was apologising to Raid for his actions on Frightnight it was just that Raid nearly won the belt and that Xearo is the no.1 contender for the title.

Raid understood that and he said why doesn’t he go against thanatos for the title tonight!
After this elektrow came down and said that those to bitches better get their asses down to the ring and they’ll have a tag team match for the tag team titles in an occult rules which means there are no rules! Raid came out again and said that he would be elektrows partner!

After this it was Xearo Vs Thanatos for the title. The match was very exciting to watch and again thanatos won.
When will he loose his title and to who? We can only wait!

Next it was the tag match Raid and Elektrow came down and then Nightshade but Magik wasn’t to be seen...? The match got underway and it was 2 on 1 but still for the title and raid got knocked down and then suddenly the arena went pinky purply and a gust of glitter shot into the air it was Magik! Her and Nightshade did the most horrifying double team to elektrow and they picked up the victory!

These 2 bitches aren’t 2 to be messed with!
Whats the matches gonna be for BADD BLOOD?
We can only wait!