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After an outstanding annihilation this week’s redzone was going to be a show of full explaning. In the main event of annihilation we seen Raid and Jokea stood side by side...

The arena went dark and the titantatron said 3..2.. 1..0 and xearo came out and walked to the ring with bandages round his ribs!

After he arrived in the ring he called out elektrow, she came down to the ring, they gave each other a big hug and she welcomed him back in a very passionate way! Elektrow demanded answers from Raid!
Raid came down to the ring, elektrow said they’ve been friends for ages so he could be honest with replied by saying that jokea was all one big setup it was raid paying someone to be jokea to bring the disturbing past back to razz to split the good side up, Then at that deceiving moment razzes music came on he marched down to the ring and confronted raid, razz said that if that was to haunt him then it definitely worked, razz went to turn away but then turned round and went to hit raid but raid went for a chokeslam he then demanded that he should be in a match against raid in a table match.

Then just at that time xearo demanded a match against thanatos because xearo said that anyone could retain the title like he did at annihilation and that thanatos was just scared that he would loose his championship!
Elektrow then demanded a rematch against Cherrie. So there was 3 big matches made! The 1st match was elektrow Vs cherrie but cherrie came down and said that she would like to appoint a special referee and it was no other than hell-razer. The match started and it was for the title! The match was full of revenge for elektrow! Elektrow was dominating cherrie but cherrie started to fight back, cherrie pushed elektrow down while hell-razer got a steel chair just like last night at annihilation but he laid it on elektrows face and cherrie did the cherrie surprise on to elektrows face and cherrie went for the pin and she retained her belt! The first aiders ran down to help elektrow but her face was all cut up!
The 2nd match was xearo Vs Thanatos! This match was all about payback as well and if xearo won this match he would be the no.1 contender for the GWF title!

To sum this match up Thanatos got an asskicking of a lifetime! And xearo won the match and is the no.1 contender at Badd Blood!

The next match was not going to be for the weak at heart! This was personal between raid and razz! The match got started and there was tables set up and there was so many close calls BUT no one won because Cherrie ran down and suplexed raid through a table but at the same time elektrow did the same!
Then all 4 were going at it!
Fright nights going to be good!