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REDZONE : april 19th

Red zone kicked off with the wonder of if Riad would show after loosing his belt last week with out even being in the building! his worst enemy Thanatos!!!

The first persons music we hurd was Elektrows, she came down to the ring and said that firstly thank you Cherrie....she needed chering up and beating the hell out of her last week realy helped! and that she then interfered the championship match becaus eshe would do anything to stop Thanatos from wining! and he would be in for a shock soon!
then Thanatos came out laughing and said that the only way she could beat him was to join him.. " hahahaha you think you can beat pure evil, and there is no wining, join me Elektrow and we can bring forth more greater evil togeather"
Elektrow froze in the middel of the ring and Thanatos slowly walked down toward her...just as he got into the ring with out any warning some one ran out from the croud and attacked Thanatos.....he was fast and Thanatos could only flee.
it was xearo!, Elektrow was still in some sort of trance! Xearo grabed a microphone and shouted to Thanatos "leave her alown or you will be dealing with more evil that satain himself!" Xearo put Elektrow over his shoulder and carried her off!

backstage we seen Xearo shouting at Elektrow to get her back to normal, with a plasma balls around her and some wires in her hand she suddenly snaped out of it and was furious that Thanatos had used a form of wichraft on her......just then Cherrie Bomb stormed into there room and said that she wanted Elektrow in the ring that night! Elektrow just grined evialy at her.

we then found that Thanatos had gone to the comisioners office and asked for a re-match against Razzmatazz!!!!!
there match was first to kick off and it was full of suspence, Razzmatazz was beating the hell out of Thanatos though the majority of it but then Thanatos started to fight back and got the better of him, he gave razz the deepend sorror and picked up the victory once more!

then it was time for the other main event between Cherrie and Elektrow Cherrie came out and said that how is some one suposed to win when there being whiped by chains and tyed down!!! it wasnt fair

Elektrow came down and just said "lifes not fair!"

the two begain punching but because it was not hardkore, or no DQ Elektrow found it vary hard to go by the rules and ended up loosing after only a short time!
after the match Cherrie took off Elektrows belts wich had metal spikes on and begain to whip Elektrow with it, Elektrow was in pain but was laughing!!!! officals came down and held Cherrie back. and escorted to two off.

then the night ended with the boss Marc coming down to the ring and anouncing the matches for the next PPV Anilation!