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Height: 5"7................. Height: 5"5

Weight: 147lbs ................ Weight: 130lbs

From: Scotland, Edinburgh ......... From: ?

Finishing move: The Raider ....... Finishing Move: the masher

Favorite Quote: Prepare yourself ..... Favorite Quote: ?? "growls"

Raid's charicteristics are that he wears a white mask, blue boiler suit, and chains chains. he is stronger and more outgoing of the two and is protective over mash!

Mash has a Heavely painted face, ripped and messy clothes and also chains. He is the younger, and extreamly shy one, but will fight well, when he has to.

Raid and mash are a very strange pair. It all began just over a year ago when the satanic couple Elektrow and Xearo kidnapped Joke’a and sacrificed his soul, turning him into Raid …then we found that it wasn’t Joke’a at all, so we still don’t know about raids past.. all we do know is that he is psychotic, and wears a mask all of the time and that elektrow treats him like a pet, and keeps him on a leash!

Then a short time later we found that the cult were out for a walk one night and Raid found Mash alone and scared in a cemetery. The two mad friends and mash went home with them, thus joining the cult! Mash also discuses his face, and acts like a wild animal.

Aftre this Raid calmed down, and rarely needs his leash now, and spends a large amount of time playing, teaching, and caring for little mash.

So even though the cult are now a happy lil familly, you still don’t want to mess with the pets!

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