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This years Positively charged got off to an electrifying start with Joke’As and Razzmatazz’s mach

But the question on every ones minds was would Joke’A show after his strange behaviour on Red-Zone?

Here’s what happened:

Razzmatazz when down to the ring and waited…would Joke’as music come on? Suddenly everything went black white flickering light left an ere feeling across the arena, the puzzling thing was that dull beat bounding thought the speakers, and a figure started to slowly walk down toward the ring accompanied by Elektrow and Xearo. Razzmatazz’s unnamed opponent was restrained by chains and was wearing a strange white mask and blue boiler suit covered with what looks like bloodstains! Leaving a mystery to who he is.

The match was a gruesome fistfight which ended in carnage and a victory for this mystery person. Whilst celebrating in victory Elektrow announces that this new person is to be the newest member of there cult, she acts as if he is a new pet and announces his name as being RAID!

At that powerful moment of victory a red glow and feeling of evil arises and out steps a new wrestler…THANATOS, he is wearing a hooded cloak and he slowly says to the wrestlers in the ring “you shall no evil by the name of THANATOS!” he then proceeded to run to the ring and beat the hell out of Elektrow, Xearo, and Raid!

who is Thanatos?

We can only weight and see!

Before the next mach we seen backstage Razzmatazz recovering from his mach and Cherrie Bomb bounds in and says to him how much she’s scared about her match tonight against the evil Elektrow! So eventually persuades Razzmatazz into accompanying her in the match!

Later Elektrow and Cherrie go one on one BUT just as Elektrow gains a victory (thanks to Xearo and Raid!)

And Cherrie leaves the ring, the red lights come back one and out came Thanatos, and delivered another message to Elektrow and her “cult”………………………By beating the hell out of them!!!