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Welcome to the all new GWF! At the start of this year we decided to stop just wrestling and to start entertaining! this means we are now the GWFE. soon you will be able to buy our shows and PPV's on VHS and get a simalar form of entertainment as what you get from the world famouse WWF (obviously ours is less budget!) We hope that buy dooing this you enjoy the GWF more in every way. If you would like to email us with ideas or sugestions of the subject feel free. or even pop onto our ez board to disscuss it with the members!

"2002 we will be using the evil sounds of rock of MorgueazM for our PPV's. Check out there offical site here! and pick up a copy of there debuit album "formaldahyde fun" from "  

Marc, Showed Xearo who was the boss last month when xearo whent to his house for an interveiw! Click HERE! to find out more!

we finaly have an ez board, so come chat with us!

this site is under constant construction so check back for new wrestlers

and results to shows and ppv's regularly.

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