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Height: 5'

Weight: 8 stone

From: Sandown, I.O.W

Finishing move: the deadly kiss

Favourite quote: deadly by name, deadly by nature!

Sassy, saucy, and sexy.....these words sum nightshade up perfectly but only on the outside,
because this little diva is deadly and will leave a bad taste in any mans mouth.

Teaming with her sister Magik could be he worst thing that could happen to the male race!
She has her heart set on ruling the good side and she will do everything in her power to get it!

nightshade is the sister of magik and just like magik has won the GWF womens title 5 times already.

nightshade will always remain with the goodside until the darkside have been completely destroyed!

nightshade was exactly like magik as a child she never liked anything to do with evil or anyting related to the darkside or satan himself!

nightshade is a very violent wrestler in the ring and favours steel chairs alot in her matches but it normally reverses back on her!

nightshade has had some unbelievable matches against xearo like the one on frightnight 17 when she was in a steel cage match and she was thrown off it to the mat 10ft below, and since then shes never been the same...