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Different maches are allways being made for special occations. but here are the most commonly used in gwf:

Hardkore - anything goes with wepons of any kind!

No holds barred - anything goes

No DQ - no disqualification

2/3 victories - wrestlers must win 2/3 pins to win

singles - a simple one on one match

4 way dance - the wrestlers must pin every one in order to win

triple threat - 3 wrestlers, only need to pin one to win

tag team - a tag team must compleate against another tag team

punishment - e.g table-wrestler must put opponent through a table to win

over the top match - wrestlers are diqualified after being thrown over the top rope

special ref - someone (usualy another wrestler) is a guest referee

Cherrie bomb's rules - wrestler can only win by knocking there opponent out!

raid's rules - submistion match

joke'as rules - circus match!!!!!!!

thanatos rules - first blood

elektrows and Xearo rules - metal hardkore! e.g. ropes are replaced with metal chains, metal grids are put across ring floor, and loose chains are used as wepons!!!! (not a regular match!)

Rage in a cage - Hell in the cell!

Death match - 4, or more people in the ring at once, with a weapon of there choice, elimination style!