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Height: ?
Weight: ?
Finisher: the masher.
Fav.quote: prepare yourself for the masher.

Mash has made his debut at this years ‘hell on earth’ running into help raid win the GWF championship.

As of then these to have done nothing but destroy everything in their path.

Mash to is restrained by chains just like raid and one day elektrow and xearo have promised to let these 2 animals loose!

The worring thought is what do they intend to do next…?

Mash is a powerful wrestler in the squared circle and will do anything to help his partner raid!


mash has always been a scruffy person, and he wont change for anybody!

when he was at school he was always picked on by the other lads as he was different to everyone else, but now the tide has changed and mash is picking on everyone who is different to him such as the goodside...

mash has been part of the gothic wrestling federation for almost a year and is still with the darkside although he has his ups and downs with them recently! mash has still yet to win the gothic wrestling federation championship and with raid looking out for him he will definately get it!