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Height: 5"7

Weight: 10 stone

From: Scotland, Edinburgh

Finishing move: The giggle bomb

Favorite quote: You is laughfin, but I ainít jokin!

Joke'A is one confused lil wrestler!

he began as being tag partners with his brother Razzmatazz, who together became one of the best tag teams ever in the federation!

but since his mistyrious disaperance his attitude has some what chainged.

for a long time we thought that Joke'a had a split personality with raid, but resently we found he was setting razzmatazz up.
after that he left, but at the damned he made a reaperence, but not as the lovable jokea we all knew!

he has now turned to evil, but refuses to join any side. instead he just reaks havoke on any and all the other wrestlers, playing evil tricks on them.

check out his: