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Interveiw: ELEKTROW

By jen phillips

In April, I got the chance to go and spend a day with the satanic freak, elektrow, to find out what she was like at home…heres what happened

Elektrow started her day, by not really starting! …Because at 3:30 in the afternoon we decided to go and wake her, after weighting since 11 that morning!!!

After we realised we had nearly risked our lives waking her, we left her to get up and ready.

An hour later she came out her room looking pissed off,

went down stares and went straight to the fridge and took out a glass of red liquid and drank down (we didn’t dare ask what it was!)

She then went back upstairs and got showered, and put her make up on!

After that she perked up a bit and went out side and began her daily routine of push-ups, sit ups, and marshal arts!

She then went back upstairs and sat in her chair and watched 4 horror movies back to back.

And practiced on her guitar.

We noticed a huge collection of horror movies in her room, along with collectable figures, music, posters, everything horror!!!!!!

When the vids had finished the doorbell rang…it was xearo with mash and raid, xearo went into the kitchen and started to cook tea, raid sat in front of the TV, whilst elektrow took mash outside in the garden to play ball!

Xearo made them all some thing with meat, and the couple sat together at the dining table, raid sat in front of the TV eating, and mash was sat on the floor in the corner eating out of a bowel!
After they had dined, the boys cleared up, and we asked Elektrow for some quick questions.

Fave colour? Silver
Fave groups? Garbage,pink, cradle of filth, no doubt, rob zombie
Fave song? Androgyny (garbage)
Fave name? Willow
Fave tv show? Buffy
Fave movie? Anything horror!
Fave drink? Blood
Fave object? My mind!
Whats in your pocket? (empties out pockets) ummm lighter, mints, pen, sunglasses, keys, wallet, fangs! Mobile phone

Career highlight? Creating the cult, when finding raid. And driving razzmatazz away!
Hobby? Collecting horror memorabilia

After this xearo came in and the two of them started getting abit close with the smooches for our comfort, so we decided to make a quick exit!
I think this visit shows us a look on elektrow and the cult!
Elektrow is obviously the dominant one, and doesn’t do much, its xearo that dose everything for her, raid is kept quiet with the TV and mash is treated as a mix of a pet and young child, and is elektrow favourite!