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Well here we are at hell on earth......

The night began with an interview with Raid, he was asked about the sacrifice which was marcís sister he said that he
warned Marc but he didnít listen! He then said that if Marc touched him in his match against Thanatos Marc would never be the that time elektrow butted
in and said that Marc would be taken care of...

The 1st match was the womens title match.

This match started and elektrow was giving the biggest ass kicking to nightshade and magik but they both
started to fight back they went and got 2 steel chairs but Elektrow punched themm back in their
faces,Elektrow then did the bolt to magik and nightshade on the steel chair! And Elektrow picked up the victory and won her championship back!

The next match was chucky vs xearoand we found out that this was a ladder match!

The ladders were set up and were used as weapons but when Xearo climbed the ladder the arena started to flash multi-colours and
a funky beat hit the speakers it was Razzmatazz! He ran down to the ring but Chucky did his finisher to him which was the goodguy! Because chucky didnít
know who Razz was, but by this time Xearo had the belt and had won the pure evil belt once again!

The next match was the rage in a cage for the GWF title between Raid and Thanatos
with Marc at ringside. This was a 25ft cell over the ring and it was designed for injuries!

The match started and both wrestlers started with steel chairs and raid made the
first move and started to beat thanatos like he had never been beaten before!

After 20mins into the match marc interfered in the match and hit raid with a steel chair raid punched marc down and raid climbed
to the top of the cage and thatnatos and marc followed...but at that nervous time the arena went dark and a haze hit the air...and marcís sister came down with a microphone and said "welcome to hell
and the demonds who will lead you to your death"! the next thing we knew there was raid and some other guy on the cage and they both chokeslamed marc and thanatos through
the cage to the mat 25feet below! They both climed down and raid pinned thanatos 1.2.3...

And raid became the new GWF champion! But who is this person is it a friend of raids?

But just at that powerful moment the whole of the goodside ran down but raid
and his new friend beat them all down as if they were putting no effort into it!

Redzone is going to be a journey to hell for the good side!