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Tonight was going to be the night where we found out the matches for HELLBOUND.

So as u could imagine sara was the first to come out and she was saying that the matches for ‘HELLBOUND’ are as follows.

Raid vs razz-GWF title

Mash vs magik-table match

Elektrow vs chucky-occults rules

Xearo vs nightshade-in a last man standing Match.

She said that the reason for Xearo and nightshade is that nightshade requested this match as she thinks she can beat him if there was no interference but in a last man standing match it is also a no-dq match!

The reason for mash and magik is that mash has beaten every member of the goodside except magik.

And as for elektrow she isn’t happy about the fact that he won the tag belts off of her and Xearo.

The first match was Xearo vs razz for the hardkore championship.

The started and it was a short match but in the end razz retained his belt.

Backstage there was an interview with mash asking him about his match at HELLBOUND he was saying after he beats magik at HELLBOUND he will have been undeafted by the goodside.