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Well what was going to happen on fright night u asked was an outstanding show.

The first person to come out was Mash he was saying that he wanted a match tonight with nightshade because he wants to beet each member of the good side and he started with razz last week on redzone!

Nightshade excepted the challenge but she wanted it to be a no interfierence match mash granted nightshade her wish, after all this sara came out and she said she will be making the matches from now on and that match wont take place, instead it will be a steel cage match!

After this took place the first match was Xearo and Elektrow defending the tag team titles against magik and chucky.

The match started and it was more or less like a renactment from last weeks redzone except magik and chucky picked up the win and the tag titles!

The next match to take place was razz vs raid for the hardkore title.

The match got underway and both men were slaughtering each other but sara ran down went to hit razz with raids chain but he ducked and she smacked raid then razz hit sara over the ropes, and razz won the hardkore title.

The next match was mash vs nightshade in a cage match.

The match started and both wrestlers were planning on destroying each other but about 10 mins into the match the arena went dark and the words

"we are coming for u mash and you raid and u will fall to us, you have signed your death wish..."!

the arena lights were back on and mash was down and bleeding nightshade went to climb out and Xearo ran down and hit her over the head with a baseball batand knocked her back in, but then razz ran down and hit Xearo over the head with his newly won title. But whilst all this was happening mash had climbed out the cage on the other side!

And he was white as a ghost.

Was this a warning from thanatos and marc or is another evil side about to land here in the gothic wrestling federation?

Who knows?

We’ll see u at redzone!