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Well what can we say asses are gonna be kicked and these people are never gonna be the same!

Marc was the first person to come down to the ring he started to say tha what has been happening
as of late was fantastic and that finaly someone was tearing the darkside apart gradually!

Raid and Elektrow ran to the ring Raid proceeded to say that at BADD BLOOD no-one
would be torn apart other than the good side because after everything thatís happened itís now personal!

But at that powerful moment Nightshade and Magik crept up behind Raid and Elektrow and as they turned round Magik blew some dust into Elektrows
face and did her finisher to Elektrow which is kazzam! And nightshade hit raid over the head with a cane and did her finisher to him which is the vine whip! Marc then started to rub it in!

He then said at BADD BLOOD Raid would face Nightshade in a hardkore title match and Elektrow would face Magik in a womens title match!

But then Xearo came out and said what about him? Marc then said Xearo would go against Thanatos in a GWF title match!

The first match was Raid Vs Magik!
This match was good and you could see the anger in Raids eyes! But unfortunatley Magik won thanks to Marc?! Why did Marc interupt? Raid was shaking in fear! Thanatos came out and called Elektrow out he was
picking a fight with her he said thatís beaten everyone else so he wants to beat her once again! After this Elektrow came out and
started to beat the living hell out of Thanatos but Thanatos started to fight back and he got her with the blackened sorrow! And he picked up the victory!

The next match was Xearo Vs Nightshade in a steel cage match the match started and there was blood but not Nightshadeís! they both climbed to the
top of the cage and Nightshade threw Xearo off the top back inside the cage at that point Nightshade was almost out and Raid and Elektrow ran
down Raid hit Nightshade with a steel chair and she fell back in the cage and Elektrow opened the door for Xearo and he won the match!

BADD BLOOD is gonna be good!