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After watching redzone, elektrow couldnít have been in a good mood!

Hell-razers music was the first to come on he proceeded to the ring he grabbed a microphone and
started to talk about the events that have been occurring between him and
elektrow his reason was that it was one of cherries little games, and how guilty he has been feeling!

The next thing we knew Cherrie was marching to the ring and she blamed it on hell-razer! Elektrow came down to the ring and started to say
that all the pain and suffering she has been feeling was going to come back on...Cherrie,
she powerbombed Cherrie and then she said you never trust the good side!

After all this Marc came down to the ring and fired hell-razer for not doing his job and for getting
involved in the action, Cherrie thought this was funny! But Marc didnít and he then punished Cherrie by making her the new referee!

And what about the GWF womenís title? Elektrow would be in a triple threat match; elektrow was very confused she said how is she supposed to do that?

Marc continued to say that she would go against 2 new members of the good side!

Elektrow was fuming!

After all this was over and done with the first match was thanatos Vs raid for the GWF title.

The match got underway and it was very close but when the got knocked down it all changed drastically xearo ran down to the ring and hit thanatos over the head
with a chair and raid won in a result of a disqualification but not the belt!

The next match was the womens title match. Elektrow came out and waited patiently she then started to walk off but then the first opponent came
down her name was Nightshade she had a microphone and said elektrow you weird, black hearted freak you are about to meet your doom because Iím Nightshade and Iím deadly by name and deadly by nature!

Her second opponent came down her name was Magik she grabbed the microphone off Nightshade and said I bet you wish you vanish at a time like now!

They both ran down to the ring and gave elektrow the biggest ass kicking she has ever received
off any body! Both Magik and Nightshade pinned elektrow so they both were the womenís champion!