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Well what can we say after an electrifying Positively Charged, Fright Night lived up to its name. After seeing an evil being at Positively charged, who goes by the name of Thanatos, every one wanted to know why he interrupted in there matches!

When Fright night began the first person to come down to the ring was Elektrow, she began to demand answers after what happened at the PPV.

After her rather boring moan Cherrie Bombs music came on, and along with razzmatazz came down to the ring and demanded answers about what Elektrow had done with Joke’a, Elektrow announced that it was for his own good and he deserved it!

Suddenly the lights went off, after a few minuets they came back on to reveal that Elektrow had been attacked again! Cherrie and Razzmatazz were left standing next to her looking very confused.

Who was this?

Is there still a nice part of Joke’a left?

or was this still Thanatos?

Later that night it was announced that Cherrie Bomb would take on Raid in a hardkore match, but although this was to be a no DQ match were any thing goes, there was a special stipulation added by Cherrie … no one was to interfere in the match!

After a surprisingly good match suprisingly enough Cherrie managed to defeat Raid But could this have been because Elektrow and Xearo weren’t at ringside? Or was it because Joke’a was still somewhere inside him?

Meanwhile we find that backstage Elektrow has issued a challenge to the new comer Thanatos!……Raid was not happy with this decision and asked Elektrow why Xearo couldn’t help her, but she then revealed that he was un able to due to his bad injury’s at Positively Charged thanks to Thanatos. And Raid couldn’t help her due to his injury for his fight against Cherrie!

Before the match started Razzmatazz’s music came on….it was then announced that he was to be the special guest referee, and that if either of the two wrestlers touched him he would have then suspended from the gothic wrestling federation!

The match got underway, and you could feel the evil in the air and see their hatred between them both!

After a long way into the match Razzmatazz got knocked down and Raid ran down with a metal pipe, he used it to knock Thanatos down! The ref regained conscious and counted the 1…2…3… and Elektrow picked up the win.

Then with out warning Cherrie ran down to the ring, pushed Raid down, then shook Elektrows hand!!

Raid and Razzmatazz didn’t like this so Raid gave chez the Raider and Razz went to hit Elektrow, but she ducked and Thanatos gave him the deepened sorrow, then walked off.

Elektrow then got out two black roses and placed one on both Razz and Chez!

so why did Chez shake Elektrows hand?

What’s with the black roses?

When’s Xearo coming back, how is his absence going to affect Elektrow, and what’s gonna happen when he dose return?

all we can do is weight!