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Thank you all, and goodbye for now!

well thats all folks, the gothic wrestling federation is over for now, thanks to all of the members deciding to just leave and do other things!

heres what happened to some of our most famouse:
the lil gay freak hung up his mask, baught himself a sheep and works in iceland foods!

Cherrie Bomb:
swaped her red and black reff stripes for the high street fashion "new look", and works there full time!

left for the royal navey, no longer with elektrow!

ran off!

and ther rest just cant be bothered!!!!!!!!!!!!

apart from lil ol me...elektrow!....yup im still around, and who knows mabey ill find some new SOB's to revamp the place, but till then keep an eye out for me around the net!

and for those who have just found ya self wandering here, ill leave the site up, for you to browz around and see the craze that was, the GWF!


go have a look ...