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SOMETHINGS A-BREWING!...theres a grave danger it?...could it be???...the new superstars comin to take over...STAY TUNED!

March 2002
awards comp starts, new PPV music band!, new mash pix, elektrow interveiw.

Nov 2001
the 2002 seasons callender has been finished! it is a must with all your fav superstars in the festive mood! pics include Mash in an easter mood, angel at halloween, and elektrow on valentines day! true comedy that will have you laughing all year round.

Nov 2001
The Offical GWF magazine! 20 pages of glossy, gossip,news,pictures, and interveiws, deliverd straight to your door every 2 months only 1.50 a copy, and your first FREE! to find out more email NOW!

the G.W.F comic strip!
all our wrestlers are curently beeing created ito cartoons, so look out for them around the site.


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