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Height: 4'7''

Weight: 98lbs

From: Freshwater, Isle of wight

Finishing move: the god guy

Favourite quote: Hi i'm chucky wanna play?

Chucky is the friendliest person the federation has ever seen, but when he steps into the ring its all work and no play.

This good guy has one hell of a problem, his fuse is sort, and he could explode at
any time and at anyone in his path.

He believes in the good side and will rather stick up for it than winning gold!


chucky is a member of the goodside, and has admitted to haveing a crush on magik.

chucky made his debut in the wrong way by supposidly helping magik and nightshade win the GWF tag team titles but he screwed up and he hit them instead of xearo.

chucky has always been a good guy and is the friendliest person the federation has ever seen but in the ring hes all work and no play.

chucky has yet to win a belt but hopefully one day he will when he can stopping mucking around!