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Take the sounds of G.W.F home with you on this cd / cassete!
with the music from the superstars

elektrow = W.A.S.P, "scream untill you like it"
Xearo = Decide, "bible basher"
Raid = the theame to "the thing"
Joke'A = "to the shock of miss louise"
Cherrie Bomb = "falling"
Razzmatazz = the theame to "friday the 13th"
Thanatos = tochata

and the music for our shows REDZONE! and FrIgHt NiGhT.

you will not find this in the shops!!
so pick up your copy NOW!

NEW for 2002! Volume 2

the latest theames for the gwf superstars, only a few have been anoused so far!

Elektrow : Rob zombie - living dead girl
Xearo : Rob zombie - im your boogie man
Raid : korn - freak on a leash / make me bad (still undecided!)
Mash: monster mash re-mix
Ace: motorhead - ace of spades

release date : 5/1/2002

NEW for 2002! GWF PPV Music!

at every PPV the superstars use alternative songs, now avallable on cd!

songs included are:
Elektrow : rob zombie - spookshow baby
Xearo : rob zombie - super beast
Thanatos : Cradle of filth - at the gates of midien
Raid : slipknot - (Sic)
Cherrie bomb : no doubt - just a girl
ALSO all 6 PPV themes!

release date: 10/1/2002

go to ordering page to find out how to order!