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Well here we are at ‘BADD BLOOD’ where titles would be decided and whose blood would be spilt?

The first match was Raid Vs Nightshade for the hardkore title.
There was a lot of Badd Blood between these two! The match got started and no-one knows how anyone was still standing afterwards, this was very personal between these two and they were giving it their all! But after every shot to the head Raid managed to pick up the victory and he became the new hardkore champion! The next match was Elektrow Vs Magik for the women’s title.

The match got underway and these two bitches fought for what they wanted most but after a gruesome battle Magik managed to retain her championship!

The next match was the main event; this match was going to determine if we would have a new GWF champion or not!
And the question on everyone’s mind was ‘whose blood would be spilt’!
This match started and it was a heart stopper there were so many close calls and there were so many painful manoeuvres used, but after a bloody fistfight
Thanatos reigned supreme and he too retained his belt!