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Height: ?
Weight: ?
Finisher: ace of spades
Fav.quote: warning mood swing in 3 secs.

Ace is a brill little wrestler she supports the goodside 100% and she has her heart set on achieving tag team gold for her and rainbow.

Ace is a very young wrestler but is a rough and tough girl in the squared circle.ace has already been the GWF womens champion 3 times.


ace made her debut at the damned 2001 in the biggest upset yet to hit the GWF.

she is a powerful wrestler and will do anything to stop the darkside from getting more power than what it already is!

she had a very easy life and was told to stick up for what she believes in and she belives in tearing the darkside apart and so far she has!

teaming with rainbow could be a very strong connection for the goodside.