Atwater-Kent's Missing Model.

Well, it wasn't as missing as I thought it was. Ask and ye shall receive. Several people have come through with information about web sites and books about Atwater Kent radios. Thanks to you all. It turns out that A K was doing something funny with model numbers and the 456 is the same as the 856. So it's not missing after all. Thanks again to all.

 Photo of Radio.

 Close up of radio dial.

 Close up of label on back.

I am certain this radio is not a forgery. It belonged to my grandpa on my mother's side and I remember quite clearly the picture of him sitting in his chair, assembling a puzzle while the radio, at his right, played a gospel station. These memories go back to 1945.

Comparing the numbers of the models I have been able to find on the internet indicates that this radio was made in 1934 or 1935. The tube diagram is partly torn away but the tube lineup is, 5Z4 rectifier, 6A8 converter, 6K7 IF amplifier, 6H6 detector, 6F5 first audio, and 6F6 audio output. These are all octal tubes.

Unfortunately the radio is not presently in working condition because of the state of the insulation on the hook up wire used. The insulation literally falls off the wire at a touch. There are enough short circuits in it that it instantly blows the fuse on turn on.

This page last updated June 16, 2005.