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cover art of "Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest"

Track Listing:
1. Transpiritual Stomp
2. Trans Lunar Rising
3. Transcrystaline
4. Pure Trance
5. Arizona Light
6. Celtic Stomp
7. Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest
8. 4 4 4
9. Sunrise Mix


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"Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest" is the debut album by The Fireman, released on 22nd February 1994.

Basically 9 remixes of the same track, this album contains more than the first playing will suggest. Several listens will reveal new sounds and themes reappearing different ways.

These notable themes include  several bass and guitar lines, a crunching drum break, snatches of vocals, and soothing background noises - chill out music par excellence.

"Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest" was released on the Juggler label and is currently out of print.

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