Here you will find the official facts and figures about me, Marcelle Michael Bertrand Fabie y Timbol, a high school alumni of Don Bosco Technical College, now taking up Mass Communications in Ateneo de Manila. Through the years, I have been doing what I can to show that I am indeed, the way I am, and I am happy to be just that.

Each option you see here proves to be quite a significant chunk of my life... Each click you make pores over some details that would certainly boggle the mind of those people who think they already know me. Then again, maybe not. Those who are just starting to know me are in for a mild surprise, all the same, but I must say, the best things to write about my life are NOT in this website.... maybe you should check my blog instead. Seriously, this website is dedicated to all the people who made me this way, because without them, this website wouldn't be containing a lot of juicy stuff....

Here's hoping you enjoy looking into this site, just as much as I have enjoyed (and toiled) making this site a reality.  Rest assured that I pulled out all the stops... well, almost, to make this site look as good as a guy who knows only basic html can do. Anyways, I decided to update this site only today, 29 January, 2003, to at least give out a few good links- though it sure makes this site look really bad... must fix... next... time...

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