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Windows 9x / 2000 Games

Blue Thunder is an air based shoot-em-up, travel the Solar System from Earth to Pluto, and work with the other Blue Thunder team members to reach your ultimate objective. Features advanced computer intelligence and team based gameplay. Can you pilot the Blue Thunder and stop the evil Microex Corporation ?

$15 - 3D graphics card required. >>> Click to download (446kb) the demo version V2.0 or buy the full version V2.3 on-line.

Newspaper Manager is an arcade management game for 1 to 4 players. Create and manage the highest selling newspaper, hire/fire/bribe staff, stay within budget and make enough money to keep the boss happy. Or it may be you getting fired! Features in-game help and 4 player mode with one machine.

$10 >>> Click to download (111kb) version V1.5 and try. If you want to keep it, you should register on-line.

Coin Machine is an arcade puzzle game for 3DFX owners, using a limited number of coins, you must knock as many coins off the moving ledge as possible, keeping ahead of the computer controlled players. Features over 50 levels, and lots of coins to collect.

$10 - 3DFX graphics card required. >>> Click to download (374kb) a restricted version V1.1 or register on-line to receive the playcode.

Your comments, suggestions and bug reports for any of the games on this site are welcome, email : Bug reports for the Blue Thunder demo & full version, please attach the C:\Program Files\Blue Thunder\Log.txt file to the email as this file will enable me to locate and fix problems more easily. - Creating Different Games

Blue Thunder, Newspaper Manager & Coin Machine are written by Daniel Birch 2000.