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Published on Thursday, November 10, 2005 by Working For Change
Some Kind of Manly
Bush administration, dead to morality, says torture is the American way
by Molly Ivins


"We do not torture," said our pitifully inarticulate president, straining through emphasis and repetition to erase the obvious.

A string of prisons in Eastern Europe in which suspects are held and tortured indefinitely, without trial, without lawyers, without the right to confront their accusers, without knowing the evidence or the charges against them, if any. Forever. It's "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich." Another secret prison in the midst of a military camp on an island run by an infamous dictator. Prisoner without a name, cell without a number.

Who are we? What have we become? The shining city on a hill, the beacon and bastion of refuge and freedom, a country born amidst the most magnificent ideals of freedom and justice, the greatest political heritage ever given to any people anywhere.

I am baffled by these "arguments": But we're talking about really awful people, cries the harassed press secretary. People like X and Y and Z (after a time, one forgets all the names of the No. 2's after bin Laden we have captured). The SS and the Gestapo and the KVD weren't all that nice, either.

Then I hear the familiar tinniness of the fake machismo I know so well from George W. Bush and all the other frat boys who never went to Vietnam and never got over the guilt.

"Sometimes you gotta play rough," said Dick Cheney. No shit, Dick? Now why don't you tell that to John McCain?


If you are dead to all sense of morality (please let me not go off on the stinking sanctimony of this crowd), let us still reason together on the famous American common ground of practicality. Torture. Does. Not. Work.

Torture does not work. Ask the United States military. Ask the Israelis.

There seems to be some fantastic scenario floating around -- if Osama bin Laden had an atomic bomb hidden in a locker at Grand Central Station, and it was due to go off in 12 hours, and we had him in prison ... I seem to have missed some important television program on this theme. I am told it was fiction, but it must have been really scary -- it certainly seems to have unbalanced the minds of some of our fellow citizens.

Torture does not work. It is not productive. It does not yield important, timely information. That is in the movies. This is reality.

I grew up with all this pathetic Texas tough: Everybody here knows you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs; and this ain't beanbag; and I'll knock your jaw so far back, you'll scratch your throat with your front teeth; and I'm gonna cloud up and rain all over you; and I'm gonna open me a can of whup-ass ...

And that'll show 'em, won't it? Take some miserable human being alone and helpless in a cell, completely under your control, and torture him. Boy, that is some kind of manly, ain't it?

"The CIA is holding an unknown number of prisoners in secret detention centers abroad. In violation of the Geneva Conventions, it has refused to register those detainees with the International Red Cross or to allow visits by its inspectors. Its prisoners have 'disappeared,' like the victims of some dictatorships." -- The Washington Post.

Why did we bother to beat the Soviet Union if we were just going to become it? Shame. Shame. Shame. Read more in the Molly Ivins archive.

Molly Ivins is the former editor of the liberal monthly The Texas Observer. She is the bestselling author of several books including Who Let the Dogs In?

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Molly Ivins Creators Syndicate  10.19.04

No more years
Favorite moments from Bush's one-term presidency
AUSTIN, Texas -- Four more years?

Seems like every group and its hamster has put out some kind of dossier on the last four years. Top Bush Lies. One Hundred Mistakes Bush could admit to. Best scandals. Biggest Bush flip-flops. Iraq. The economy. The environment.

Corporate pork and payoffs galore. Homeland insecurity. The deficit. On and on it goes.

But I like to remember the little things, those itty-bitty things that really made it special. Those touches of style. The je ne sais quoi of it all. Like choosing Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday to announce his administration would oppose affirmative action in the University of Michigan case, calling it "divisive," "unfair" and "unconstitutional." Classy timing. Of course, Bush (Andover, Yale, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Harvard Business, three failed oil companies rescued by Daddy's friends, set up by Daddy's friends in baseball and given a huge cut for a tiny investment) never experienced affirmative action in his life. Made it all on his own, pulled himself up by his bootstraps -- black people can do it, too.

Timing is kind of a Bush specialty. In February 2001, the day a major earthquake hit the Northwest, Bush killed a federal program designed to help communities deal with the effects of natural disasters. Of course, Florida in an election year -- different story.

Remember when he went to visit the rescued miners from Quecreek, Pa.?

It was a great photo op. Except the year before, Bush had cut the mine safety budget, halted regulatory improvements and reduced enforcement of safety standards. The Department of Labor stopped work on more than a dozen mine safety regulations from the Clinton years. But hey, Bush was really glad those nine guys made it out alive. And what a photo-op it was.

You probably don't remember the time he visited the Youth Opportunity Center, a job training site in Portland, Ore. Hailed it as a model, praised the center and its staff. A month later, he cut it out of the budget.

Here's one of my faves. In his big address of 2002, Bush said: "A good job should lead to security in retirement. I ask Congress to enact new safeguards for 401(k) and pension plans." The Bush plan allows companies to switch from traditional fixed-benefit plans to what's called cash-balance plans. It saves corporations millions a year -- in the case of large companies, as much as $100 million. Older workers can lose up to 50 percent of their pensions. The Bush rules not only permit the conversions, they also give cash-balance plans a tax advantage, as well as protection from age discrimination lawsuits. It's the perfect Bush plan: Corporations get to screw workers, and they get a tax break for it -- plus, nobody can sue.

Nobody paid any attention to this one except the beneficiaries, since it was during the Iraq war: The Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the one that laid the groundwork for Enron and is supposed to protect investors from abusive practices, passed three new rules in March 2003. According to The New York Times, the rules "reduce the quality of disclosure required in reports of past performance, increase the opportunity for advisers to put some clients' or their own interest ahead of others and curtail the already lax regulation on operators of hedge funds."

Hedge funds are derivatives on steroids, and the near collapse of one hedge fund, Long Term Capital Management, nearly caused the financial equivalent of "the China syndrome." Alan Greenspan and Fed officials convinced bankers to join the LTCM rescue effort only when they pointed out that failure would result in "chaos" in financial markets and could damage economic growth worldwide. Less regulation, you bet.

Bait and switch is a constant Bush tactic. Right after 9-11, Bush went to Ground Zero and threw his arm around a firefighter and assured him and other rescue workers he was with them. It was the photo-op seen 'round the world and was endlessly memorialized at the Republican convention. Except in August 2002, Bush pocket-vetoed $150 million in emergency grants for first-responders. The New York firefighters never got their money.

My favorite mixed metaphor: "Facing clear evidence of peril, we cannot wait for the final proof, the smoking gun that could come in the form of a mushroom-shaped cloud."

Mission accomplished.

I have so many other favorite moments -- hilarious promises like $15 billion for AIDS in Africa. Those amusing judicial nominations, so bad even the spineless Democrats finally had to filibuster. All the precious photo-ops with the little children of color just before he squashed some other program to help them. The time they threatened Turkey, our oldest democratic ally in the Middle East, with a military coup so we could bring democracy to Iraq.

It's been a ball. But I've had enough. Read more in the Molly Ivins archive.

Molly Ivins is the former editor of the liberal monthly The Texas Observer. She is the bestselling author of several books including Who Let the Dogs In?


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Surely we're not that dumb
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And in other news …
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The Twilight Zone of Wonderland
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Keep your eye on ...
Are American voters getting suckered? What do you think?

Molly Ivins is a best-selling author and columnist who writes about politics, Texas and other bizarre happenings.

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IVINS: The Cockroach Theory
Talk about the lunatics running the asylum. Former lobbyists for special interests now dominate the top of the bureaucracies -- not to regulate, but to facilitate corporate rip-offs.
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Energy Industry Gets Boost
Congress' record-shattering bad legislation immediately eclipsed by record-shattering bad legislation.
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If He Says It's Progress, It Must Be, Right?
Sheesh, it's hard to keep up with this administration. Forget a constitution, we have to hand it all over to the Iraqis right away.
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For Democrats only: I think our field is shaping up quite nicely. But we really need to winnow it down.
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Richard Grasso -- Predictable Symbol of American Greed
People -- like former NYSE CEO Richard A. Grasso -- who have special advantages almost always manage to convince themselves that they are entitled to those advantages.
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It is not necessary to hate George W. Bush to think he's a bad president.
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Under Clear Skies
Clear Skies sets up a system under which dirty plants can buy "pollution credits" from clean plants and keep polluting.
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Conservatives are stealing the idea that there's a common good, that we're all in this together, that we all do better when we all do better. And it's up to us to take it back.
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Case Closed
Unless a miracle occurs, Sept. 13 will see the end of the open courts provision of the Texas Constitution.
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Won't Just Get Over It
I opposed our unprovoked, unnecessary invasion of Iraq on the grounds that it would be a short, easy war followed by the peace from hell. I was right, and I'm not going to apologize for it.
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Reconstruction Run-around
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The Old Insult to Injury
What the Bush administration knows about working-class Americans would fit in a gnat's eye.
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Mr. Schwarzenegger
Arnold simply doesn't know what he's talking about when it comes to public policy.
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Disagree with DeLay, You'll Be OK
When in doubt, I find it most useful to consult those two polar stars of utter wrongheadedness, Tom DeLay and The Wall Street Journal's editorial page.
Posted on Aug 21, 2003

All-American Blame Game
It would be a refreshing change, would it not, if somebody just stood up and said, "My fault."
Posted on Aug 19, 2003

Bad Ideas of the Week
The general theme of the week seems to be that the country is going to hell in a handbasket.
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Mileposts in Degradation
Let us stop to observe a few mileposts on the downward path to the utter degradation of political discourse in this country.
Posted on Aug 11, 2003

Government by Deception
Leaving aside the missing weapons of mass destruction (hey, we found the oil), I found so many little things that fit the same pattern of lies.
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But It's Not Fair!
That's the reason 12 Democratic senators from Texas are on the lam in New Mexico.
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Intelligence Fiasco
Intelligence agencies are suffering not just from mismanagement, but by political manipulation that renders their work all but meaningless.
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The Other Great State
It is so easy to fall in love with Alaska, and most of the people are as enchanting as the wildlife -- friendly, hospitable, helpful, tough and resilient.
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The Decline in Civility
Has the adversary system at the heart of the legal profession produced the decline in civility?
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Fixing Education
There are two keys to better teachers: higher salaries and better schools of education.
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The Peace from Hell
That the occupation is not going well is apparent to everyone but Donald Rumsfeld. Now is not the time to stand back timidly hoping it will work out well in the end.
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Charlie Wilson's War
Charlie Wilson funneled hundreds of millions of dollars to the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, where they gradually bled the Red Army to death and caused the collapse of the Soviet Union.
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Happy Birthday, America!
Two-hundred twenty-seven years old and still ready to boogie 'til we puke.
Posted on Jul 3, 2003

Supreme Tantrums
Recent Supreme Court decisions have caused certain justices to throw nasty tantrums.
Posted on Jul 2, 2003

Emissions Omission
Bush's solution to global warming: Eliminate references to studies concluding that warming is at least partly caused by rising concentrations of smokestack and tailpipe emissions.
Posted on Jun 26, 2003

Medicare Prescription for Disaster
Everybody's in favor of a plan to help senior citizens with prescription drug costs. The question is whether the bills currently in the House and Senate are actually an improvement.
Posted on Jun 24, 2003

A WorldCom of Trouble
The Iraqi Gold Rush is on. Even corporate criminal WorldCom --perpetrator of the largest accounting fraud in American history -- is getting in on the riches.
Posted on Jun 20, 2003

The Clinton Wars
Recent books by Hillary Clinton and Sid Blumenthal recall the scandal plagued Clinton presidency.
Posted on Jun 18, 2003

People First
All this big talk about tax cuts from Washington comes down to taking away after-school programs and health clinics and firefighters.
Posted on Jun 12, 2003

One Word 'Wind'
Wind power makes so much sense that no one really needs to make the case for it.
Posted on Jun 10, 2003

Working for Nothing
All over this country, working people are losing out. 2.7 million jobs have already disappeared and we stand to lose much more.
Posted on Jun 5, 2003

The WMD Question
"Where are the weapons of mass destruction?" is a fairly obvious question at this point. But if you ask, expect to be shot down.
Posted on Jun 3, 2003

Rotten, Old-Fashioned Corruption at the FCC
The FCC has been captured by the industry it is supposed to regulate.
Posted on May 29, 2003

Texas Toil
It was horrible and sickening, but I could not stop watching the final days of the Texas Legislature. Fellow Texans, the ripple effects of this disaster will come to haunt us all.
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Um, Folks, This Doesn't Look Like Victory
Good thing we won the war, because the peace sure looks like a quagmire.

Posted on May 22, 2003

Lawmakers on the Lam
True, it has been 50 years since a legislature has overturned a court-ordered redistricting plan; on the other hand, nothing says they can't.
Posted on May 16, 2003

'Damn, We're Americans!'
The Bush administration apparently feels entitled to take actions punishing close old friends for not siding with us in a war we may have lied about.
Posted on May 8, 2003

Weapons of Mass Deception
The rest of the world is not going to forget that WMDs were our primary reason for an unprovoked, pre-emptive war.
Posted on Apr 29, 2003

Workplace Flexibility
The Bush administration is leading the charge with proposed new rules that will erode the 40-hour workweek and affect more than 80 million workers now protected by the Fair Labor Standards Act.
Posted on Apr 24, 2003

Is There Anybody Here with a Lick of Sense?
New nominations for the hotly contested "What Were They Thinking?" title, also known as, "Is There Anybody Here With a Lick of Sense?"
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Scary Times in the USA
Feeling paranoid about government control lately? You've got good reason to be concerned.
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Bush administration makes a mockery of corporate cleanup
Molly Ivins is very smart so we all say yes yes yes.
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