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Welcome to my Corner of the Institution

Flash the Darkness... Pierce the Night... The escapee now takes a flight!

Come Inside... If you dare! The Instititution

Give a man a code and he'll be boggled for awhile, teach him to code and he'll become a cyber-geek. Story of my life. For the latest and greatest, you can catch up on my LJ account. This site is about 4 years old, and obviously, looks like I went into Sherwin Williams on an acid trip. :P

You're getting weird, very weird... You're getting weird, very weird...

Freaky Little Hooded People


Thanks for the memories.


The new and improved Graffitti!! This is just a jumble of links and random thoughts thrown together for kicks. No association necessary.

Check out the Graffiti

In the forests of the Night... Fire, fire, burning bright...

The Mausoleum

The grave side shrine to all things dark and beautiful. More Poetry and graphics will be up soon... I hope...

Enter the Mausoleum

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