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The future holds alot of unanswered questions and fears. What will I do if your not here? The picture of life without you seems to dim nothing more than a empty place sad and grim.How do I tell my heart what could have been never got a chance to start. So many obstacles stand in the path and wonder if we are strong enough to last.

As the candles flame flickers in the darkest of nights I let my mind wander as it does every night when I lay my head down. To thoughts of it you being next to me not an empty place. The sound of you breathing so deeply so calming. The smell of your hair on my pillow lingers and the smile it brings to me to having you strong arms wrapping me into a safe cocoon. Soft music plays in the background as I drift further into my dream state. Silent tears to anyone other than me. The pain of my past rushes back in to only remind me why I lay alone each night. Why I have missed out on such pleasures as my dreams tease me with. I can feel my heart pounding with fear. I ask outloud will it always be like this? Is my destiny to be alone and tormented with such pleasing thoughts? Will I watch as I see other people watch the sunsets and sunrises to mark another day of such bliss? Someday I shall look into your eyes and you will know what I have felt and said all along was real was true. When I slip my arms around you and pull you close and whisper in your ear this is real you will then know. No more miles will seprate us.

Ride the wings of hope, fly to freedom. Mystical times come only to those who believe and trust. Look to the stars and wish upon the shooting streak of light. Stretch your arms out and let me fill them. Souls that search have to find the ones who make us whole.

I am not able to do this in person yet so I send this kiss to you. Close your eyes and let your mind go, can you feel my hands on each side of your face as I place my lips on yours. Just as the bubbles float so does our hope.

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