AmbientSounds of Paul J. Kenyon   

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AmbientSounds of Paul J. Kenyon

AmbientSounds of Paul J. Kenyon   

I first became interested in music with the introduction of The Beatles to this United States. I was then 10 and my cousin owned a set of drums which I would 'bang' on whenever I went visiting. It took about 4 years before I convinced my father I really knew how to play and was surprised when I received my first sent of drums, Christmas of 1966. I met my best friend in 8th grade who just happened to be a guitarist. George and I began getting together and decided we were going to form a band. Within months of meeting one another, we found additional band members and began playing gigs like sock hops at the local YMCA, or appearing at benefit functions. By the time we were in our Freshman year in high school we were playing bigger gigs at high schools and the like. George and I stayed together in various bands, perfecting our crafts and playing much larger and prosperous events for nearly 10 years when finally the end would come. George took another route in his music career and I moved from New York to Arizona. There was really little left for my music career with the exception of a bit of studio work for some of the local talents in Phoenix and surrounding areas. There was a very long period, VERY long where I did viturally nothing in the music industry. Twenty one years to be exact! I worked as a Production Manager for years and went on to form my own Security Business. My interests varied including the above mentioned sports card collecting as well as being an amateur ham radio operator, coin collector and out-of-print record collector. I have always been a music lover of all genres. In 1995 I had a serious relationship turn sour and I turned to my music for the emotional comfort. I purchased a middlle-of-the-road Yamaha keyboard and tried my hand at composing soft, melodious tunes. A couple songs turned out pretty good even though I really couldn't read a note of music. I met Dave Reynolds, a keyboard instructor who had done many background music soundscapes for The Discovery Channel. I was in the market for a 4 track recorder to do a little mixing and Dave was gracious enough to offer his recording studio at his retail store to show me how to do the mixing. I purchased a Foxtex mixer after a few introductions as to how to mix, pan, add this and ....all that recording lingo stuff. Dave listened to my first song, 'I've Got Something to Tell You' and was pleased with the sound from this amateur musician. This is where my interest in soundscapes and ambient music began. I would spend hours each day after work trying to create soundscapes on my Yamaha keyboard with those nasty 'presets' and acheived nothing more than what was expected...preset sounds! Frustrated, I'd nearly given up the idea of creating my own songs until I contacting Kelvin L. Smith of South Wales, U.K. Kelvin is by far, the Ambient Giant of the United Kingdom. He has many albums to his credit and at any given time, his songs are in the top 40 on Kelvin was very instrumental (no pun intended!) in helping me with my new music career in the Electronic Ambient genre. Kelvin has been a great support to me and has given me a push-start in what has always been very important to me, my music. One of my compositions you'll find at my page is, 'Voices of Gratitude' (A Tribute to Kelvin L. Smith). Warm regards to my fans and to all those that have helped me along this, sometimes frustrating road....







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Paul J. Kenyon


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