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More to Come.....

Low Tech Prophets,High Tech Profits

2.Wrong Turn
3.Corporation of Guilt
5.Out of Sorts
6.2 AM At The Space Lounge
7.Broken Leg
8.Graveyard Wreckage
9.Worship the Glitch
10.The End is Now
2000 3 out of 4 Records
CDR available for $2 (postage included)

Spencer Park
Promo CD

1.Dropped a Hit
2.Doesn't Make a Sound
3.Like I Know
4.Let Me Be
5.Piano Overture #1
CDR available for $1 (postage included)

Transition EP

1.Chainsaws and Ambience
3....Sudden Death Phenomenon
6.Thursday Morning
2002 3 out of 4 Records
cassette available for $1 (postage included)

Out of Sorts
By Any Means Neccesary

1.By Any Means Neccesary
2.More Alone Than Usual
2003 3 out of 4 Records
CDR available for $1 (postage included)

I have recently uncovered the Propaganda film from a band called the JMFC Cult. I will transfer the video to cassette very soon, and will have it available from this site.