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La Cosa Nostra

The Underworld


NOTE: I no longer run or maintain this game or site, you have my permission to take these rules and use them how you like as long as you make reference to my site or my e-mail address,

Welcome to La Cosa Nostra: The Underworld, Play by E-Mail Game! The plot is as thus, you are the leader of an organized crime syndicate, vying for control of first a small area in a city, and eventually the whole city! Gangs start out small, and eventually become a full fledged mafia/syndicate. (That free newsletter banner RULES I really recommend you go that site, you can get cheap merchandise and make MONEY! if for some reason , im an idiot who cant get the banner to show, etc. (lol) the address for that site is Hey, don't think I am trying to just rip you guys off, do yourself a favor and JOIN these, you make money, for FREE! Get money for every e-mail you RECEIVE!


Gang Creation (All gangs start with $10,000)


Gang Name:


Starting  Location (Tell me which numbered section you want to start on) 




Gang Members (Put number hired in box)


Pusher $750 [ ]

Thug $350 [ ]

Hit man $1000 [ ]

Burglar $1000 [ ]

Prostitute $350 [ ]

Casino Manager $1000 [ ]



Buildings (Can be rented out or invaded, invading requires it to be done with a few thugs and must be done in game)


Warehouse $1000 (a turn) [ ]

Counterfeit Press $500  (A turn) [ ]

Whore house $500  (a turn) [ ]

Casino Front $750 (a turn) [ ]



Starting Goods (Put number in box)


            General Items

Handgun $100 [ ]

Rifle $300 [ ]



Marijuana $100 [ ]

Crack $250 [ ]

Heroin $500 [ ]

Ecstasy $75 [ ]



Roulette Wheel $200

Card Table $75 [ ]

Craps Table $100 [ ]



Car $2000

Truck $5000


Turn Layout Example


Current Funds : $15,300



New Purchases


Hire a pusher, buy 3 units of heroin, buy 4 handguns, hire a thug



Combat Actions


Attempt to invade Crips warehouse at section 3 with thugs at (8, 12), (8, 13), (9, 14), and (7, 12) all armed with handguns

pusher at (6, 8) attack Crips pusher at (7, 8)



Non-Combat Transport of Goods and units


1 unit of heroin at warehouse in New York section 1 allocated to pusher at (5, 12)

New York thug at (1, 5) moves to headquarters at section 1


New Purchase Placements


New pusher placed at main HQ

New thug placed at secondary HQ in section 2.

Handguns stored at warehouse at section 2.



End of Turn


The above is a sample turn. The whole coordinates system may seem odd, but it is perfectly clear once you receive the map of your starting city.  Turns must be sent to all players. Oh, and the coordinates used are not necessarily correctly placed in a section. Turns are every 2 days.


City Layout

The city is split into sections which are numbered, such as section one , etc. Whoever has the most units in a section are considered in control of it. The city then has a grid placed over it numbered like (0, 0). The very middle where the two axis’ meet is (0,0) every notch to the right makes the first coord go up one. Every notch to the left makes it go down one. Every notch up makes the second coord go up one, every notch down makes it go down one. It does go into negative numbers (duh). You should keep a list of which coord all your units and buildings are at. After every turn, a  list of where everyones units and buildings are will be sent out. Also, for each complete section you control you must designate a HQ at a coord. Your main HQ is the one you start off the game with. To gain control of an enemy section you must invade the HQ there. Each section could hold 3 buildings besides the HQ. Be sure to guard the HQ with some units, or you can be easily taken over!


Racket and Building descriptions



To sell drugs you need 2 things, a pusher and actual drugs. 1 pusher can hold two units of drugs which they automatically sell that turn. This list shows how much one unit of each drug earns per turn. For a pusher to generate any money he must not be within 8 spots of another pusher. So a pusher at (0,0) and one at (8,8) is fine, but if you put one at (0,0) and one at (5,0) then one of them generates no income. All excess drugs must be stored in a warehouse. Warehouses can also store guns.

Ecstasy $250

Marijuana $500

Crack $1,250

Heroin $2,200



A protection racket is very simple, you have thugs go around different areas of the city and offer to protect them for a price. The areas you collect protection from will generate the amount automatically. The places that generate protection money for you are all the sections that you control, but if enemy thugs enter your territory your protection income will drop 50%, oh and to generate protection money in a section you must also have a thug present there.


Protection money per section- $1,000 a turn.




Prostitution is very simple, you hire a prostitute, place him/her somewhere and they will generate income every turn. There is no limit to the number of prostitutes you can have, and they can be as close or as far from each other as you like. Each prostitute generates $500 a turn.



To gain income from a robbery racket, you first must hire a burglar. Then, place the burglar in your HQ. Move him to a section you don’t own, and make sure to arm him. If he does not get killed by enemy gangsters he will generate $1,000, and the enemy will not gain any protection money that turn.



Running a casino requires a store front designed to hold a casino,  a casino manager, and gambling tables. One store front can hold 25 tables. Each table generates an income double that of its initial price.


Counterfeit Press

A counterfeit press generates $750 a turn.


Combat and Unit Descriptions

Combat is point based. Each unit has a point value. Each gun increases that value. When combat takes place the unit with a higher value wins. In an invasion attempt the group with the most points wins. You determine how many units you lose by subtracting the losers point value from your own. So, if you won an invasion but you had a total of 8 pts. And your opponent had a total of 6 you would lose 2 pts. worth of units.  All units can move 5 spaces left and 5 spaces right in a turn unless they have a car or truck. A car moves faster – 20 spaces up or down, and 20 spaces left or right- but carries only 5 units and 10 guns in the trunk. Trucks carry 2 units, and 10 units of goods, such as drugs or gambling tables, or 20 guns.


Pushers – 2 pts.

Thug – 2 pts.

Hit Man – 4 pts.

Burglar – 2.pts.

Prostitutes – 1 pts.

Casino managers – 1 pts.


Gun point values

1 handgun – 1 pt.

2 handguns – 2 pts.

Rifle – 3 pts.


When a unit dies you subtract whatever it cost to buy him from your current funds, so if you lost a casino manager you would lose $1000 dollars and whoever killed him would gain $1000 dollars.


Terms for winning and losing

You lose when either you

You win when you



The Map