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La Cosa Nostra: The Primal




Welcome, to La Cosa Nostra: The Primal. This is the second installment ofthe game La Cosa Nostra: The Underworld. That game however was a PbeM (Play by E-Mail) while this is something much different, much more diverse, much more fast paced, and if not the best aspect more role-playable. This RPG however, is not your classic fantasy fare. We arenít wizards running around in funny robes, nor are we warriors wielding magic broadswords and slaying mighty dragons. Oh no, not here. In fact, this is QUITE different. There is NO magic. NO fantasy creatures. This is an RPG of a more modern world, Earth, yet much much different. This game centers around the different gangs, groups, mafias, etc. While you do not HAVE to be in a guild to play, you will be much more protected, have more friends, also however you will have more enemies. So read on, and get ready to enter a world of intrigue, power, and the stern hand of the law. Enter at your own risk, if you do I wish you great luck in La Cosa Nostra: The Primal. You will need it.

Currently everything is up except for the Newspaper. That will be up shortly. Also, more rooms have to be added.


Gangs and Groups


Role Playing and Role Points




Character Skills




Death Contracts


The World


Owning Businesses and Buildings (rooms)






Drugs and Casinos


Current Active Organizations and Groups


Registered Characters (and creating new ones)


Newspaper (Storyline)