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Welcome to DSL Productions! The definitive professional artist representation provider for career-minded musicians.

Hello again after so very, very long! It's been awhile since we've had the chance to update our site - and unfortunately, due to some bad decisions in selecting reliable web designers, we no longer have our home base at - so here we are back on Angelfire (for the time being) until we get that sorted out and can get what we're looking for instead of settling for a lot of empty promises and wasted time. Our deepest apologies for all this shifting around, but despite our rather "generic" website, we are still steaming ahead at full speed and are preparing for a busy and productive summer for 2005!

The newest gem we have to share with you is Shidoshi's electronic project, "ALL KNOWN ASPECTS", ready to take the stage this summer as a completely innovative and unique 3-man electronic-rock band. Similar in style to groups like The Crystal Method, Prodigy, Cirrus and Rabbit In The Moon, AKA will be the first band of its kind to enter the Columbus music scene - and with plans of crossing-over into the rock circuit, our expectations are high and we know they will have a welcome reception from the wonderfully, open-minded crowds in this great city. They have already been approached by video game developers and the professional film industry about contributing their material to possible soundtrack deals and are currently laying out plans for a small East Coast tour in September. Their official website ( is still under construction, but you can hear their material, check out some pictures and read their detailed bio at their temporary location:

On a more personal note, we'd like to congratulate our long-time friend and business associate with, Mixer Jaexx, for his recent engagement to a wonderful woman by the name of Amanda. Those of you who know this Underground playa probably never saw this coming (we were stunned to hear as well!), but it is true. Another good man snatched up by a woman who probably won't understand the concept of "artist freedom and expression" . . . but we won't hold that against her! In all seriousness, congratulations to the both of you! We hope you're deleriously happy.

As for business in general, we have curtailed some of the services we have been providing so that we can focus more on the specialized interests of artist representation solutions. Over the last 4 years, we've been bombarded by local musicians - of all genres - requiring direction and vision to help them realize their short & long-term goals. Having the contacts, resources, experience and ability to help these artists with the business aspects of their bands and/or projects, we now specialize in catering to those specific needs and helping them to not only realize those goals but manifest them as well.

As we continue to work out the details of our services, they will be posted on our site here at Angelfire for your convenience, so check back often. Also, please use our email link below to sign up for our monthly newsletter so you can stay informed of new artist additions to the DSL roster and to find out where you can see our shows and events all this summer. Simply write "DSL Newsletter Sign-Up" in the subject box of your email and feel free to include any questions or comments you might have in the body section. All emails will be answered as they are received. Thanks again for you interest in Deviant Sex Labs Productions! Prepare yourselves for an incredible summer!

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