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"The tavern is full tonight. Some regulars gathered at the bar sipping whiskey from the dirty pint glasses. A roudy bunch has wandered into the tavern this foggy evening and everyone else in the establishment is getting somewhat annoyed by their behavior. They are planning to kick them out when suddenly the door opens and a short dark figure enters. All the regulars fall back against the wall or back into their seats and the group of roudy folk continue to be unruly. He walks slowly towards the bar and a member of the roudy group decides to try to start some trouble and trip him. He sticks his foot out, but instead of tripping the individual, finds a katana blade through his leg in a split second. The whole groups tries to stand and help their friend, but before they could stand they each had been cut through several times by this speedy assailant. Moments later as the pieces begin to fall the dark figure comes to a still stance. He glances towards the table and sighs, " They didn't deserve such an honorable death as to die by my hand....""

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If ever I see something screech across the room and latch onto someones neck, I have to laugh because, what is that thing?