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All about JC Slash


not all stories here are Joshtin, but many are



JC and Justin Slash



Josh Justin Slash



Joshua Slash Shack



Mouse Slash Love





This is not a Joshtin list, and its stories are angsty as well (like the liste name already says) but every once in a while you can find a Joshtin story



Nsync Slash Fiction


Everything is welcome in this list, not all stories are Joshtin, but again, every once in a while you will find one.



Nsync Slash JC Justin Stories



Nsync Slash AU



Pregnant Boybands Slash


Also not all stories Joshtin, but quite a few.



Something like you



No more drama



Joshtin's dreamland



Mpreg Boyband slash

they have an own forum for Nsync Mpreg Slash