Manifestation of the Radical Movement in Favor of Peace


With Society in this Novel World being, at its strongest and best, easily Differed from the Path of Peace and Righteousness towards the Primal Highway of Vehemental Power and Rage, the People must take their stand and save all from Warring-Death. In the past the People would feverently pace back and forth praying for Peace while their Precious yet Useless ideals achieved Nothing, soiling their label of Pacifists. Clearly we, the Great People of the Gaea, are able to learn from past errs? Those that live to war, can only be taught through warring efforts. Despite the pain this may bring, it is time to shed the old, restrictive label of Pacifism and all of its inadequency, and pick up the necessary fitness for this world under a new order - Radicalism. Under the new guise 'Radical Pacifists' we are able to take back control of Our World, Retake that which is Rightfully Ours! No Longer shall we Suffer the intolerable wars of our foolish brethern, we shall knock them down and rise above, carrying them with us whether they are prepared for enlightenment or not! Together we stand strong! Together we can change our Bloodthirsty Society! TODAY WE TAKE CONTROL! TODAY WE UNIFY UNDER ONE NAME, FOR ONE GOAL OF WORLD-WIDE PEACE! TODAY WE ARE NO LONGER SIMPLE IDEALISTIC PACIFISTS, BUT THE GREAT WARRIORS OF RADICAL PACIFISM!


Here I speak for ALL Pacifists, as I am one. Only a bit different, for I am a RADICAL Pacifist, which soon all Pacifists shall be if they have any brain-power. In today's world we are covered in war and fighting, why you ask? Because there are there are TOO MANY PEOPLE that WANT war, TOO MANY PEOPLE that DON'T speak AGAINST war, and too many people that don't CARE!! TODAY WE STAND UP AGAINST THESE PEOPLE! WE FIGHT THEM! WE BRING THIS WAR-MONGING SOCIETY DOWN! TODAY WE REVOLT AGAINST THESE STRANGE, NON-CARING BEINGS!!!!!! WORLD PEACE!

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