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Ah oh... Tsk, tsk, someone has been naughty!


Here's the trick, we do have rules in this guild... Nemely one.... Treat all guild

members with respect. If you can not abide by that and your a mean to another

member you will be penalized for your actions. Here are the consequences:

Strike One: No 1 np auctions for 2 weeks, simple, non? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Strike Two: Disqualification from that month's contestsgrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Strike Three: Do to your actions, you will be demoted in rank to MEANY!


Once you recieve the MEANY rank everyone in the guild will know you are a, well, jerk,

and will undoubtedly treat you accordingly....... Oh and did I forget to mention that your

name will be mentioned here for all time? Unless of course you can redeem yourself..........


Here are the Shamers:


No one quite yet... But I'm watching.....