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[.:All About Me:.]
[.:More Pics Of Me:.]

*.:nAmE:.ShEeNa LyNn WaRd*
*.:BoRn:.PiKeViLlE, kY*
*.:LiVe nOw:.McDoWeLl, Ky*
*.: wHeRe I AtTeNdED sChOoL:.sOuTh fLoYd hIgH sChOoL*
*.:cAr:.fOrD eScOrT, gReEn*

-tAlKiNg On tHe PhOnE-
-GoIn' OuT wItH fRiEnDs-
-mY fAmIly-
-wAtChIn' DvD's-
-MoUnTaIn dEw-
-tAkIn' PiCtUrEs-

-WaKiNg Up EaRlY-
-tWo fAcEd PeOpLe-
-LiZ vAnCe (nO oNe lIkEs a SluT)-
-mAkIn' mY BeD-
-uNoRgAnIzEd PpL-

okay guys, that lets ya know more than what u really need to i oh well! just know that i am a very sweet girl and i have a great personality..*i think so atleast*!! i have a few frenz who i really hold close to my heart *luv u guys*.. anyways.. thats all! thanks! hehe~

*AnYtHiNg ElSe Ya WaNnA kNow, AsK me-I'm NoT aT aLl sHy*

ICQ #--225189750

Yahoo! ID-- floyd_co_chicka