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~*~Birth date~*~
April 18, 1983


~*~Location of Birth~*~
Tercadia, Acores, Portugal

~*~Current living location~*~
Calgary, AB Canada

~*~Favorite foods~*~
Pizza!!! But unfortunately due to eating it everyday while working Iíve gotten a little sick of it. I love many foods and Iíll try just about anything. I currently love butter chicken, octopus, shrimp, crab, and pasta. Oh and canít forget cheesecake. YUM
Basically name it Iíll probably eat it

~*~Favorite drink~*~
Sumol. Itís a Portuguese beverage and I drink it once in a while.

~*~About myself~*~
Well My name is Sandra and I was born in Portugal but moved to Canada when I was around the age of six. Iím an easygoing person but I am very shallow and if you get on my bad side then you are in hell. I live my life without consequences and I live it fun and wild. I chose to not care about those little things that make people worry and nag and do what I feel is right for me. But unfortunately itís time to grow up and slow down.

I have a tattoo of a rose on my upper back on the right side, my nose pierced and I use to have my tongue as well but recently removed it. I also have three piercings in each ear. I canít really think of anything to say right now so Iíll update this some other time.

~*~Life Goals~*~
Well these tend to change on and off every month. Right now I have my heart set out on being a psychologist. After that maybe go into pre med so then I can proscribe medication to patients.

~*~Likes and Hobbies~*~
~*Paint ball*~
~*Art work*~
~*Xtreme sports*~
~*Horse back riding*~
~*World History*~
~*Tools and Handy work*~
~*Armature Street bull fighting*~
~*Muscle Cars*~
~*Classical music*~
-=Thatís all I can think of right now=-

~*People who think they are better then others because they posses something that other people donít yet have. To me they just look dumber then dirt.*~

~*Dumb people who think they know what they are talking about and keep arguing with me about the wrong facts. Iím wrong plenty of times but at least when I realize it I shut up and admit to being wrong*~

~*Girls who do shit to others then when it starts looking bad for them they throw the blame onto the other person just so they can look good*~

~*Fat ugly people who think they are hot shit*~
~*Buss drivers who stop at the convenience store to buy food then make you late*~
~*People who fit all their crap all in those damn zip up binders*~
~*Penises, sorry but those are damn ugly*~
~*Uptight retards*~
~*Old ladies that go to church just to gossip about everyone*~
~*Nail biting*~
~*Rubbing your fork and knife together*~
~*Ignorant people*~
~*People who Power trip*~
~*Fuckers on the high way who tail your ass!!! Fucker I hope you love it when I slow down to half of the speed limit just to piss your ass off.*~

-=Basically when you bring it down I just hate the human race=-

ďI aint a tease nor am I a shallow bitch, Iím just a reminder of what in your life youíll never be nor have.Ē

[~*~When it comes to Guys~*~]

~*~Dating status~*~
wouldnít you like to know

~*~Turn ons~*~
Nice guys. Good looks get you through the door but personality is what keeps you in.

~*~Turn offs~*~
Smokers!!!!!! I canít stand a guy who smokes and what I hate more are guys who do the ďIím a playerĒ crap. Hey youíre a player good for you but how does it feel when Iím playing your ass like a video game? Fuck Play me, Iíll show you the game and make you the bitch crying on the bitch seat. I think itís funny when guys play their little games then you act like a head case and they go off telling shit to their friends about you. I enjoy telling them I love them and how I want them back but if the opportunity came up I would say I was too busy. I love the ones who go off telling people they slept with you when they really didnít. Think youíre the mac daddy of the daddies? Well guess what? Iím the fucking Queen Bitch of the world of Cunts.

Oh and lets not forget the males with big egos to make up for their little talents.