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Brokendown Sandy

[:.They Call me.:]
Betty Boop

[:.Ethical Background.:]
Calgary, AB
[:.Dating Status.:]
No more time for boyfriend :(
My loving Oreo whom I love and Peanut. I donít care what you say, sheís MINE!!!
[:.T.V. show.:]
O.C. has become my new obsession.
Bridget Jones Diary
As long as they have a Penis and are hot then I love them
Angelina Jolie, because of her tremendous charitable work sheís done for the UN
Billy Talent
River Below
[:.Current Obsession.:]
Funky T-shirts
íCan You Keep A Secrití or anything by Sophie Kinsella

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Hey and welcome to my site. Iíve been working on this for just over a year and this is what I got so far. Make sure, to check out the fun pictures, that I have taken over the years. Iíve made a lot of memories and itís those memories that make me want to share with the world. I hope you enjoy your visit and make sure not to forget to sign my guest book. Also if you have any comments or questions please feel free to email me at

October 2, 2004

Okay so itís Saturday night, broke as I am I thought why not look over how much Iíve made and why donít I have ANYTHING saved. Seem that my monthly spending is at approximately four grand per monthÖ considering I donít have car payments (anymore). Well, wow, seems my closet has more value then a bran new car. Now this isnít bad considering in August I went on a shopping spree through British Columbia. Wont mention NinimoÖ

Now what do you do in this type of situation? I guess the first step to getting help for your problems is to admit you have one. I here admit that I Sandra am a shopaholic/spendaholic. There are two ways I can help myself, I can ether get myself a REALLY rich boyfriend, or I could do the grown up thing by having the bank put a limit on my spending. Considering, I spend over 500 dollars on a pair of shoes, my only option in this case is a strict spending limit on my account.
HA..HA.. 200 per day I can spend!!!! How ever I happen to be just taking out that amount per day and holding off on the shopping till Saturday. HEY at least Iím doing something about it.
Furthermore, Iím happy to announce that Iím back in school and Iíve attended ever day so far, cept that Monday I was in Manhattan. I donít believe Iím doing to shabby, however Iíve found that writing by hand is quite difficult, especially when youíre being timed. Well thatís all I have to say bout school, maybe next month Iíll have some better dirt.

Sandra. D