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Shane P: sup home fry? well thru tick and thin we help each other have fun up at West mofo fasho. (tur dat tur lol never loses that touch)

Kyle F: hey even though i didnt kn ya but one year we still hung out alilwell hope u also have fun up at West.

Armondo D: dude im a bit glade u dont liek muh sis but my mom MAN DOG THAT IS JUST WRONG o well lol imma try to link ur site to here aight

Nick G: sup foo? well me and chu were like buds a lil bit halthough i havent talk to chu in a grip well have fun at west i guess

Zach E: well zach we had our chats bouts ppl and shizzle but o well ppl is weird at a young age right?

Mike A: Sup Mike & Ike? lol well we had our fun at times but now u bee up at west so i hope u kick it like u did at Central. keep it real.

John B: well john i didnt know u that much but we waz friends during 8th grade well have fun up at west imma try and do the same at east.

Eric C: sup man well as u can see my website aint all that but im getting it there soon enough give it time and it will be pimp well have fun at west im outty

Home Girls:

Jenni J: Hey whats up Wu Ha? Dont change and be like all them otha girls stay like yoself aight HALLA

Sarah L: well sarah its been since 1999 when i frist talked to u and the others on bravenet ;_; i miss the old days well ne who keep ir real in cali aight

Mellisa A: Well I should just said it but I didn't o well have yas fun up at West I'll be holdin it down at the big E A S T fa sho. Dont foget muh number cause I wont loose urs this time ight I'm outty

Lindsay S: Hey whats craking girl well it finally seems we shall depart after 8 years in the sam school its gunna be diff not seeign ya every once in a while so will have to hang otu sumtime or sum chit like that( skittles and jolly ranchers and u best not fogetteh twix!)

Laura S: Sup person? well sry I annoy you so much. I'll try to not to do it anymore. One last thing: laura is so cool

Jamie T: hey whats crakin? well friends since 6th grade well hope it stays like dat and hope to keep in touch with cha.

Bree F: Hey guh was crakin? well imma go much love been long time hasnt it well i dunno what to say well ill help u with yo site lol IF U PAY ME(j\m or should i....)

Chelsea: hey sup? well now is my site complet? ur in the shout outs lol well talk to ya on aim. Chelsey H: been a long time since Preschool but thast aight. its funny how small this world really is huh? Erica B:hey "sis" how are we today i know u probly wont see this but o well imma give u a shout out ne way much luv im outty

Danie H: Hey crakin danie well imma be herre if ya need to talk to the Joker( aka man of lots of names lol) talk to u laters

Pua K: Mr. Oaks class is comedy and with me as the most cutest guy in there thats even better lol.

Holly T:hey sup holly dont talk to ya much but imma still be there for yas if ya need me aight

Heather S: HELLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HO hahahhah thats funny it never loses it touch

Heather H:hey sup natta here chillin like a villin dont talk to ya much either but keep it real aight talk to ya on aim

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