Aight for anyone that really reads this i finally got music on here! I want to do some other stuff but i dont know what else. If anybody knows send a e-mail my way with the feedback feature on the guestbook page. Other than that i don't think there is anything eles new here. Well more upgrades need to be found so i can put them on here. Im outty.

And if anyone needs alil help with there site just ask =).

Aight b4 u read on just know that this is gunna take sum time to lay down the facts.... aight im called da Joka, tha sand man, Baby Boy,Da Mad Hatter, D Bell(� on all names), and i cant think of ne mo. i live in tha loo or the H20 loo which eva i got that there black and white fam so i be tan skinned them brown eyes and that black hair im bout 5'10" or sumthin close to dat



Joka Boy keepin it real ridikulaz 24-7

Joka Boy Orginal� (� copy right 2003)